Terms and Conditions

§1. General:

  • All offers, orders and deliveries are made exclusively in accordance with the following terms and conditions of Longaris Verlag e.K.(Operator of www.longaris-verlag.de), Hollweg 20e, 26506 Norden (hereinafter only called company). By ordering a product or placing an order the customer accepts these. Variations must be confirmed in writing by the company.

§2. Conclusion of Contract:

  • §2a. The bare "representation" of the products in the online shop is not a legally binding offer. It is a non-binding online catalog.
  • §2b.The customer can choose from the product range of the shop. Is one or more products in the cart, the customer can access via a button on the page "My Cart". The customer makes in the cart by clicking the appropriate button ("Buy Button") a binding order. (Before buying, it is possible to detect input errors and to correct or cancel the purchase).
  • §2c. Before final placing the order, the customer will be informed that he can only download the downloadproducts when he renounces his right of withdrawal before the expiry of the 14 day period. Then, the ordering process can be completed
  • §2d.With the successful payment order by the customer, the seller accepts the offer, and the purchase contract is concluded.

§2e. Service contracts and websites:

  • Here are separate contracts valid which will be sent before the contract the customer.

§3. Payment for goods and products Download:

  • §3a. The payment of goods / download products ordered takes place (unless otherwise discussed) in advance. By bank transfer (2% discount), Sofortüberweisung.de Paypal (1% fee. Note: Sofortüberweisung.de charge fees for the seller) or Paypal (1,9% fee. Note: Paypal charge fees for the seller). the customer can pay up to 50 euros With Paypal. Everything about it is only by bank transfer oer Sofortüberweisung.de
  • §3b. NOTE: With a payment by Paypal, the buyer avoids not the §10a withdrawal when buying Download Articles.

§3c. Payment for service contracts to product manufacturing:

  • §3ca. After order confirmation, the customer pays 50% of the price.
  • §3cb. After pressure release / production release (for print, product and file developments and / or the production thereof) by the customer, the remaining 50% due.
  • §3cc. The payment for service contracts to product production / file production is only possible by bank transfer or cash at the company's office.

§3d. Payment for service contracts for creating websites:

  • §3da. After order confirmation, the customer pays 50% of the price.
  • §3db. After the website (release presupposed by the customer) published / is online, the remaining 50% due.
  • §3dc.Die payment for service contracts for creating websites is only by bank transfer or cash at the company's office.

§4. Soap products:

  • §4a. The safety assessments required for the offered soap products are in our directory.
  • §4b. the respective reportable ingredients are listed on the products.

§5. Liquor and food:

  • §5a. Sales of spirits made only after sending the full-sided copy of a valid identity card.
  • §5b. The Customer is hereby informed that it is an offense to allow minors access to alcohol.
  • §5c. The company reserves the right to verify the information provided if is correct.
  • §5d. The food must be kept dry and away from direct sunlight and / or heat. They lose otherwise quality.
  • §5e. Consume food BEFORE date of minimum durability o. expiration date passes.

§6. Pricing and delivery costs:

  • §6a. The prices include the legal VAT for Germany of 19%.
  • §6b. The valid prices and shipping costs are shown in the respective product description.

§7. Delivery type and Delivery Times:

  • §7a. Delivery is made by a company commissioned by the company transport company.
  • §7b. The company reserves the right to reject delivery, if the delivery address is out of delivery area located or a previous order was not executed multiple times.
  • §7c. The delivery to mailbox and postal addresses storage is not possible for postal reasons.
  • §7d. The delivery times depend on the product. If after an order longer delays, the customer will be informed via email and has at any time prior to shipping the right to request withdraw from his order, unless otherwise agreed.
  • §7e. The company is not liable for not justifiable impossibility and is entitled to cancel the contract. From this, the customer can not derive any claims for damages. These include u.a .:
  1. Delays caused by strikes.
  2. Delays in delivery times by the fault of the customer: as non-payment, non-compliance with deadlines. Omission of the submission of the necessary documents, data. As well delayed signature / approval of required documents

§7f: Pickup:

  • Exclusively only for orders within Germany and by appointment only with the company pickup is possible. Lying between the order and the pickup date more than 7 days is a previous payment of the article / the product required by bank transfer.

§7g. Delivery download Article:

  • §7ga. Directly after receipt of the payment to the seller's account, the customer receives an email with a link to download or, (only on request and if possible on the size) the file directly to the email.
  • §7gb. The customer can download up to 3 times the file up to 21 days after receipt of the download links. The purchase contract is regarded as fulfilled by the seller when the product was first downloaded from the buyer.
§7h. Copyright and Usage License for downloaded products
  • §7ha. The copyright for all the files is not for sale, it is inseparable from Longaris Publisher E.K. connected.
  • §7hb. Usage rights are offered the download products and remain even after the purchase copyrighted. They each acquire a simple or advanced or exclusive license. For all download products and Usage License the following guidelines:


  • §7i. Allowed
  1. The licenses purchased by the customer must be used only for lawful purposes only.
  2. For the private sector: The files can for his the purchaser may use as many times as he wants. "For his own private use" (under the relevant License)
  3. Images and graphics for commercial use may be used by the buyer (under the relevant License) for his "own projects" so often used as he wants.
  4. The right to use the purchased license only at one third party (in compliance with the respective License), for example, as part of a customer project at an advertising agency, are passed on to a customer.
  5. The creation of backup copies for their own use.
  6. Downloading the watermark Protected preview file to check whether it is suitable for the purposes of the customer


  • §7j. Prohibited. Purposes for the use of files are prohibited:
  1. Multiple Delivery to multiple third parties. The right to use the purchased license may not be passed on to more than one person or customer, (for example as part of a customer project at an advertising agency). This also applies to modified or partially modified images / files.
  2. Use in the social networkswhich themselves give rights to sublicense images.
  3. Use beyond the scope of the license beyond.
  4. Use as a trade mark or a business identifier or as part of it.
  5. Use in connection with or for pornographic purposes, escort services, swingers and sauna clubs, sexual services and erotic services,
  6. Use for or in connection with the glorification of violence and racial hatred or contrary to the laws for the protection of youth,
  7. Use to confuse and / or degradation of humans and animals,
  8. Utilization of images of persons without the prior consent of the person depicted. Exception. Only the outline of a person to see, you do not recognize the person as such but.
  9. No use for any other areas that are contrary to the law.

§8. In addition to copyright:

  • §8a. The rights to the designs, graphics and photos to "all" our products, brochures, advertising graphics, websites, other sites and publications etc. remain solely with the respective authors.
  • §8b. The purchase of a download does not entitle the user to unauthorized and / or commercial copying or duplication of the like and the motifs or contents on it
  • §8c. It is expressly prohibited to copy designs, graphics and photos from this site or our other sites on the web and / or duplicated. This also applies to the catalogs, magazines, products, product examples and magazines. This applies to all pictures are shown of any kind.
  • §8d. An act contrary to the points 8a - 8c leads to criminal charges and subsequent action for damages
  • §8e. The publishing and use on blogs and websites of "screenshots" our websites with links to our websites are generally allowed, far as the not §7j disagree.

§9. Retention of title:

  • §9a. Delivered and undelivered goods, contract work, downloads and websites remain until they are fully paid remain the property of the company
  • §9b. The company can prohibit the authorization to use the in §9a named products (goods, contract work, downloads and websites). As well as the publication and delivery of refuse. Until full payment of outstanding debts.
  • §9c. An infringement will be prosecuted.

§10: Revocation:

  • §10a. Your right of withdrawal:
  • You can cancel your order without giving any reason within 14 days from the day on which you or a third party indicated by you (other than the carrier) receives the goods purchased (or last good, lot or piece if it relates to goods or multiple lots or pieces delivered separately) or from the day of the conclusion of the contract, in the case of services or digital content not supplied in a tangible medium (e.g. CD,DVD or Downloads).
  • You must inform us ((Longaris Verlag e.K., Hollweg 20e, 26506 Norden, info@longaris-verlag.de, Fax: +49 (0)3212 - 24 11 971) of your decision to cancel your order. You may submit your request by contacting us or using the form below.
  • To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication before the 14 days’ cancellation period has expired and send the goods back to our office.

If you have any Question, sent us an e-mail or use the Contactform.

Cancellation consequences

In the case of an effective cancellation the mutually received benefits are to be returned and possibly be surrendered.

If you can not or in part, or return them to us the received performance and benefits in a deteriorated condition. Do you need to make compensation of equal value.

For the deterioration and derived benefits, you must pay compensation only in so far as the benefits or the deterioration is due to a deal with the matter, beyond the consideration of the characteristics and functioning.
By "testing the properties and functioning" means the testing and trying out the goods, as it is possible and common in a shop.

Transportable items are to be returned by prior arrangement at its own expense and risk within 14 days. Not franked packages are not accepted by us. Obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 14 days after the return of the goods to the company. The period begins with the dispatch of your revocation or thing for us with their receipt.

§10b. Withdrawal when buying Download articles:

  • According to §356 paragraph 5 BGB N.F. regulates it as follows: "The right of withdrawal expires with a contract for the supply of not located on a tangible medium of digital content even when the contractor has started the execution of the contract, after the consumer:

1. has expressly agreed that the entrepreneur starts with the execution of the contract before the end of the withdrawal period and

2. has confirmed his knowledge that he loses his right of withdrawal by its agreement with the beginning of the execution of the agreement. "

As means for the customer that he has to renounce his 14-day right of withdrawal, if he wants to download the files directly after purchase and payment

Withdrawal form
You can just copy the text and fill in your email program. We recognize your cancellation via email without signature and send you a confirmation.

When you send your cancellation by mail or fax, the document must be signed.


----- Top of Form -----

To the

Longaris Verlag e.K., Hollweg 20e, 26506 Norden

+ 49 (0) 4931 97 30 97

Mail: info@longaris-verlag.de

Fax: +49 (0) 3212 - 24 11 971


Name / consumer (s): ________________________________

Address of / consumer (s): _____________________________

Street Place:________________________

Subject: Withdrawal

Hereby give notice (s) I / We (*) withdraw from my / our (*) contract entered into for the purchase of the following goods (*) / provision of the following service (*):




Ordered on (*) / received on (*) ______________________________________________


Signature / consumer (s) (only for message on paper) _________________________

(*) Delete where inapplicable.

---- End Form ---



§11. Privacy policy
  • Responsible party for data collection is Nicole Schwickert, Hollweg 20e, 26506 Norden Further details of the responsible entity, see the imprint.
  • We use your personal data to process your purchase or transfer of information or services from / about us or company of our corporate group. All customers will be in compliance with relevant regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (Act) and the Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG) stored and processed.
  • We will not share your personal data including your home address and e-mail address without your explicit and revocable consent to third parties. Excluded from this are our service partners, the order processing for the transmission of data required (eg. As the staff responsible for the shipping company and the staff responsible for processing payments) or companies within our group of companies to supply information. In these cases, the amount of transferred data is limited to the minimum necessary.
  • Your personal data will be transmitted if available on both sides, encrypted (SSL). We use technical and organizational security measures to protect your data managed by us against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorized persons
  • You always have a right to free information, correction, blocking and deletion of your stored data. Please contact info@longaris-verlag.de or send us your request by mail or fax.

§12 Etracker:

  • This website uses etracker technology (www.etracker.de) by which anonymous data is collected and saved for marketing and optimisation purposes. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and save this data, but the data is not personally identifiable. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and is not aggregated with any personal data.
  • The collection and storage of data may be refused at any time, with effect for the future.

§13. Warranty / liability for defects for products:

  • §13a. The legal warranty period is 2 years and begins with the delivery of the goods. During the statutory warranty period, the buyer initially has the right to free repair or replacement. If neither is possible, the buyer can demand a reduction of the purchase price or rescission of the purchase contract.
  • §13ab. If it is a false compiled delivery or transport damage, the costs are covered by the company. Let us know in this case please contact the order number and the reason for the return. You show us in advance a photo of the carton, and the damaged goods.
  • §13b. If neither a wrong delivery nor a warranty case before, so the resulting for the company expense for examination and repair, journey times and shipping costs can be charged to the customer a reasonable charge.
  • §13c. For the inspection of warranty / liability for defects in products which are filed after 6 months, 10 Euro fee will be charged. (If there is a case of warranty, the fee will be refunded). Evidence that an allegedly less effort has arisen in the individual case, the customer must provide evidence.
  • §13d. The Company may require the reimbursement of costs of returning the customer a bias, or offset with other refund claims of the customer.
  • §13e. The company is so far to ensure that reimbursement to a lien on the goods checked.
  • §13f. The customer is obliged to pack the goods for the return sufficient to address and freight prepaid. Not franked returns or COD shipments will not be accepted. You get a shipping label or the amount it reimbursed.

§13g. Warranty / liability for defect does not apply:

  • self-inflicted damage
  • consumed by the customer, worn or processed products
  • Article after 2 months with significant signs of wear by use of the customer
  • Damage caused by improper use of the goods
  • download files

§13h. Importent Notes:

  • It is usually exchanged easily and the customer gets back the money. Except Dowloadartikel, CD, DVD and personalized goods.
  • In order to guarantee this service, all products without exception: evidentially BEFORE shipment inspected, photographed and their condition documented with a time stamp. Also downloads are detected with a time stamp.
  • Attempted fraud will be prosecuted.
  • For customer and merchant stands https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr an online portal for arbitration for online dispute resolution (odr).

§13i. Downloads, website and services on the website

  • §13ia. All services of this website, the works and the website are provided without warranty.
  • §13ib. As far as legally permissible, the Company disclaims any express or a tacit warranties, including the tacit warranties to non-infringement, merchantability and suitability for a particular purpose.
  • §13ic. The Company makes no representations about the works or the content within the Services.
  • §13id. Furthermore, we have no warranties concerning the following:

1. that the services or files satisfy the requirements of customer
2. that the services or files or continuously, promptly and securely or error-free available without interruption
3. are that the results from the use of the services effectively, accurate or reliable
4. that the quality of service or file meets the expectations of the customers or their customer. For the files there are the respective watermark-protected file size preview download and try for free
5. that errors or defects will be corrected on the files or services.


  • §13ie. In particular, the Company disclaims any liability whatsoever for actions, which is caused by the use of the Download Service or the files. You may access the shop Download Service or the files purchased (under the relevant license) in your own discretion, at your own risk and use. You are solely responsible for damage to your computer system or loss of data that result from the use and access to services or files from our shop.

§14. Limitation of liability

  • §14a. The company cannot hold liable by the customer (or other people) to pay compensation for any damage consequences, for incidental consequences and / or consequential costs or punitive damages. This includes explicitly:

1. Compensation for damages in case of unavailability of the Download Stores
2. Compensation for damages from foreseeable or unforeseeable inability to use the data, theoretically expected profits, etc.
3. Compensation for damages based on any theory of liability, including contract or breach of warranty, negligence or other unlawful acts by a user of our files.
4. Compensation for other claims arising out of or in connection with the use of our files or the access of clients to services of this store.
5. Compensation in case dismount a customer because he does not like the file.

§15. Improper use:

  • For damage caused by improper or inappropriate use and use of the files or goods, the company can not be held liable.

§16. Further information

  • §16a.The contract text is available in German and English available. For interpretation in litigation the German text applies. Company headquarters are in Germany.
  • §16b. Attempted fraud will be prosecuted.
  • §16c. For customer and merchant is Europe an online portal for online dispute resolution (ODR)https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr.