Instructions for relief casting with KERAflott

Casting with KERAflott

Casting with KERAflott


Relief casting with KERAflott


Hobbyfun KERAFLOTT is a powder for casting molds. It is odorless and easy to use. According to the instructions, it becomes very hard and easy to demould, drill, sawn and grind.When curing KERAFLOTT, heat is generated. As long as the mold feels warm, may not be removed from the mold. The longer the drying time, the lower the risk of fracture during demoulding The pouring part can be painted with colors of water immediately after demolding - with any color after drying..

KERAFLOTT-Terrakotta has the same good properties as the processing and curing time.






1 part of water
3parts of casting powder

Processing time approx. 10 min
Hardening time approx. 30-40 min.
Caution: Do not tilt the rest into the spout.



Step 1:

KERAflott Pour the pouring powder slowly into the water with stirring

and stir until it is lump-free



Step 2:

Brush a small part of the casting compound

into the casting mold using a bristle brush,

then no bubbles are formed.





Step 3:

Form quickly pour out,

something shake, so that

small air bubbles escape.


Step 4:

Pouring hanger or sockets

are placed in the still wet casting compound.

For example, rods or loops can be attached to the wires.



Step 5:

Fill the adapter with paper so that no casting compound runs in.

Click into the groove on the mold and pour out the mold.

If the adapter "floats" - weight down.

Step 6:

After about 30-40 min can be demolded

The longer the drying time, the lower the risk of fracture during demoulding


Step 7:

The edges can be cleansed with sand paper or a knife.

Step 8:

Paint your relief to your own taste

The pictures are painted with watercolors,

other colors can also be used.


Step 9:

For protection against moisture and dirt

you should use your "artwork" with clear or

Mattlack protect.



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